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Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of The City of Krakow, invites you to the festival
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Multimedia Guests
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Festival Academies

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Festival Academies is a one-off opportunity of directly meeting with experts, important producers of film music, music directors of many valued motion pictures, as well as with valued music journalists and critics from the USA, Great Britain, Japan, Greece, Holland and Poland. It is an exceptional occasion to discover the secrets of techniques of cinematography masters and everyday work of founders of the largest film music companies in the world and promoters of music created for the needs of the big screen. The meetings will be hosted by our special guests, journalists of RMF Classic, the websites,,, and among the guests there will be Robert Towson, the founder of Varese Sarabande – the largest and most famous film music company in the world, the creator of the website, Dan Goldwasser; representatives of IFMCA (International Film Music Critics Association) and the representative ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) – Nancy Knutsen – a long-time assistant of the winner of five Oscars – composer, John Williams, currently the vice-director of the department of Film and Television Repertory at ASCAP.

All the Festival Academies will take place in English at the Wyspiański Pavilion, 2 Wszystkich Świętych Square.

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Thursday, 20 May 2010
place Wyspiański Pavilion, 2 Wszystkich Świętych Square
time 10:00
participants Host: Dan Goldwasser (,
Special guests: Robert Townson (Varèse Sarabande), Nancy Knutsen (ASCAP), Stefan Bosman (, Damian Sołtysik (, Łukasz Wudarski (, Łukasz Waligórski (, Magdalena Miśka-Jackowska (RMF Classic)

Film music on the Internet – the first discussion panel is dedicated to the presence of film music and the method of its functioning on the Internet. The Internet space is a principle source of gaining information on film music, as well as a place in which we can listen to it. It is in the web that communities of fans of film music are created, connecting people from all continents, and the established websites are being created equally by music professionals and critics, as well as hotheads. The festival concentrates greatly on the unlimited space of the Internet. The guests invited are experienced specialists, who run the most important Polish and foreign websites, specialising in promoting film music and making it available. They will tell us about their everyday challenges and problems they face, about obtaining licenses and rights for spreading soundtracks, about technical possibilities and directions of development of Internet websites connected with film music.

Entry: on the basis of applications sent via e-mail to the address: Number of places limited.
place Wyspiański Pavilion, 2 Wszystkich Świętych Square
time 16:00
participants Host: Nancy Knutsen (ASCAP)
Special guests: Dan Goldwasser (, Robert Townson (Varèse Sarabande), Krzysztof Ruszkowski (, Paweł Samulski (, Łukasz Waligórski (, Robert Kalinowski (przedstawiciel Alvernia Studios), Wojciech Musiał (RMF Classic)

Promoting film music is the main subject of yet another scene of the Academy. The starting point is a discussion on the status of film music among other fields of creative activity, among which it tends to be a commonly underestimated genre. The success of a given soundtrack is inseparably connected with the popularity of the film it accompanies. In this situation, repeatedly priceless scores are condemned to oblivion, or archival existence. They serve as a base of motives, but not noticed by large concerns and producers, they share the fate of many unrecognised and non-promoted music masterpieces of the past. During the second discussion panel, ambassadors of film music will not only discuss the methods of propagating film music in the world, but also share their knowledge about the functioning of the film music market, about professional education in the scope of film music; they shall also face the still non-foregone dilemma of creators of the genre: that is to what degree does film music remain a craft, and to what degree does it constitute a self-existing field of art. During the meeting, among others, the most effective methods of promoting film music and composers of film music shall be discussed. Our guests will also answer the question why the promotion of film music is so difficult, even in the world of the Internet and generally available knowledge, and why there seems to be so little of it.

Entry: on the basis of applications sent via e-mail to the address: Number of places limited.
Friday, 21 May 2010
place Wyspiański Pavilion, 2 Wszystkich Świętych Square
time 10:00
participants Host: Robert Townson (Varèse Sarabande)
Special guests: Benjamin Wallfisch (composer, conductor, U.K.), Bartosz Chajdecki (composer, Polska), Nancy Knutsen (ASCAP), Dan Goldwasser (, Anna Malarowska (connected with Akson Studio), Michał Woźniak (RMF Classic)

Work on a soundtrack - Especially for you, a group of specialists will analyse each step of preparing and realising a soundtrack. From the idea for motives illustrating certain film subjects, through the concept stage in composing music, adapting it to the motion picture, using natural sounds as a component of the music score, through recording sessions in professional film studios, editing, postproduction, to the moment the CD reaches stores.

Both experts of composition and conducting, as well as experts connected with film and recording studios taking part in the majority of spectacular recording sessions to famous Polish and foreign films will participate in the panel.

Entry: on the basis of applications sent via e-mail to the address: Number of places limited.
place Wyspiański Pavilion, 2 Wszystkich Świętych Square
time 12:30
participants Host: Stefan Bosman, Ad De Nijs
Special guest: Shigeru Umebayashi, Kumiko Sekiguchi (Japan), George Christopoulos (Greece)

A meeting with Shigeru Umebayashi, and sound people and managers cooperating with him, is getting to know the complex technique of the Japanese composer, who co-created the rock band EX, popular in the period of the Japanese new wave, and then took the road of a composer of film music. He has written music to over 40 Chinese and Japanese motion pictures, fulfilled the role of music director to such productions of the famous Chinese Zhang Yimou. Despite the fact that Umebayashi is most famous for his Asian works, recent years have shown a great dispersion in genres and propositions of work have come to him from Greece ("A Simple Love Story"), Italy ("The Dark Sea"), Germany ("Absurdistan"), Great Britain ("Hannibal Rising"), Serbia ("Charleston & Vendetta") and the USA ("Knight Rider"). In 2009, together with Abel Korzeniowski, he created music to the film of the famous director from the fashion house of Gucci – Tom Ford A Single Man. Due to logistic problems, resulting from the composer being in Japan and the director of the film in Los Angeles, further work of Umebayashi on the motion picture was not possible. Ultimately, the final soundtrack to "A Single Man" was composed by Abel Korzeniowski, who thanks to this received his first nomination to the Golden Globe. Umebayashi’s most recent work is music to the Chinese super production "True Legend", about martial arts, in which Michelle Jeoh played.
Like Łukasz Waligórski writes on the website The diversity of the Japanese composer’s output indicates his constant development. His film music draws from all genres, inspired by jazz, blues, classical music, folklore and electronic music. Umebayashi himself acknowledges the diversity of his work with the following words: “All of the Beatle’s songs draw from many music genres, despite this, they are simply known as the ‘Beatle’s music’. When it comes to me, I always try to listen to a variety of music and try to identify with it in some way. Various styles and music textures really attract me. Being a composer is about adapting all types of music”.

*Organisers reserve the right to change the hours of the planned meetings.
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